Towards Togetherness: Probing as a Decolonizing Approach (Group COMMUNITY: Representation)

Probology is an approach that uses probes to encourage subjective engagement, empathetic interpretation and a pervasive sense of uncertainty. Some of the probes that were designed and used for the PhD project Towards Togetherness are shown and put in practice again during this Situated Action. However, we will not reenact (parts of) the project. For example, soup will be served from a Lada Niva pan and consumed on an embroidered blanket, to probe for responses on the use of food during participatory practices. The probing will focus on an artistic approach towards participation and is engaged with the topic of decoloniality. The participants will be invited to express their opinion about current decolonization processes, or to share their experiences in creating a temporary feeling of togetherness. GoPro cameras support the probing action and enable participants to record themselves and each other. Fragments of the recordings, as probing results, will become part of the main outcome of this PhD: an interactive road-movie that questions aspects of decolonization and gift-giving during a road-trip in a Lada Niva from Belgium to the Nenets people in Arctic Russia (the Niva to Nenets project).

Project by Rosanne Van Klaveren