Master Plan for Duamdong, co-operative art project (Group COMMUNITY: Commons)

The project Master Plan for Duamdong was presented as a suggestion for the local population, city planners and politicians to contemplate on, test and negotiate with each other the near future of the place they inhabit. It started as an art project initiated by Gwangju Biennial in South Korea. It started in spring 2016 in the Nuribom Community Centre in Duamdong in the outskirts of Gwangju and continued until spring 2018.

The aim was to create a discursive platform for working on issues related to the neighborhood's near and possible futures, for instance, on resolving the problem of garbage collection and separation, parking issues, the regeneration of small street gardens and the development of a rooftop plant camp. The project was further contextualized by a series of open lectures which took place during the opening month of Gwangju Biennial in September 2016.

The project was composed as an action research project with several parts:

1. Learning from Duamdong, several workshops with residents from Duamdong.
2. Project proposal; a video-documentary.
3. Public presentations and events; meeting between artists, residents, politicians and city officials.
4. Public lectures and discussions on the subject of gentrification, eco - community and self - organisation.

Project by Apolonija Šušterši? with Dari Bae