De Eendagspartij (The One-day Party)(Group COMMUNITY: Representation)

De Eendagspartij (The One-day Party) is an intervention that aims to give citizens, in light of the upcoming local elections in Belgium, a platform to voice their own views as opposed to having to conform to one of the existing party programs. The fictitious political party will invite residents of the city of Hasselt to join and shape their own program on the dedicated day. By stimulating the involvement of inhabitants in the shaping of their own environment the project questions the functioning of a purely representative democracy. Furthermore, the project discusses the issue of ownership in public space by letting the participants design and print their own posters and post them in the surrounding public space. It explores the use of vernacular (graphic) design as a way to connect more closely to the context and its actors. By opening up space for participants to create with their own skills and habits as a starting point the intervention investigates how the identity of the individual can not only be substantively present but also how they themselves can express this formally.

De Eendagspartij will take place a few weeks prior to the conference. However, PDC attendees will be able to engage with the ‘traces’ of the intervention at the exhibition space in Z33, Hasselt. Visitors will be invited to join De Eendagspartij and use the artifacts from the installation to promote the party and its open programme during a brief public manifestation.

Project by Niek Kosten