Circle Sector supports industries, scientists, policy makers and citizens to facilitate the transition from a linear towards a circular economy. To accelerate this transition Circle Sector developed an ecosystem design methodology. This method starts with mapping resources in a regional context that can be reconnected to design circular products, services and systems. Thematic labs are organised to experiment and discover the potential of these regional resources and to form new collectives. Pilot projects are developed to test and implement the potential of circular business models. The Circle Sector platform is used to share the insights developed during the iterative process of mapping, prototyping and piloting. Throughout this process Circle Sector aims to shape the circular economy on a regional scale.

Organisation LUCA School Of Arts
Project lead
Ben Hagenaars
City of Genk, Ambiorix, MIA-H, Z33, Atelier Luma, Ecover, KULeuven, UHasselt and Stebo
Circular economy, ecosystem, strategic design