Learning is less about knowing or memorising what something is than understanding how it continuously changes in relation to something else. At the School of Fluid Measures objects, numbers and values that have become fixed by universal standards are dissolved through scored interactions that leave traces in coloured sand. The patterns that emerge are an exploratory measure of the fluidity of meanings, and the colours represent exemplary values as resources to debate, distribute, and fuse into new colours and values. It references to the bazaar as a situation in which value emerges out of a unique yet similar negotiation process. Through an embodied process that surfaces situative intentions and relations, 18 measuring sessions invite participants to negotiate new colours and values. Viewed as a series, the 18 sessions intend to explore ways of mediating, materializing and notating the making of meanings and results, in a manner that embraces the fluidity of the constant socio-material becoming.

University/Design-Architectural Studio Studio Judith Seng
Project lead
Judith Seng
Team Studio Judith Seng: Elena Steffan, Phoebe Morris, Clementine Boucher, Merel Dassen, IKSV  - 4th Istanbul Design Biennial and its curatorial team: Jan Boelen, Nadine Botha, Vera Sacchetti, LUMA Arles, Z33 and curator Ils Huygens
HGermany/Berlin, Turkey/Istanbul, France/Arles, Belgium/Hasselt.
Relational practices, performativity, embodied knowledge, norm critique, applied choreography